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We are pleased to introduce another big novelty in 2013 at the Atlantic Hotel & Spa ... The brand new spa area!

Finnish Sauna

The basic principle of the sauna is to obtain the benefits of a different nature through exposure of the body (and in particular of the skin) to the beneficial effects of heat.
Rebalances the energies of our body, acting on the benefit of various internal areas, first for the heart and blood circulation. Internal temperature is about 80°.
The sauna allows an effective and total relaxation of the body, helps to improve mood, purifies and detoxifies.


At the end of the sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi, guests can enjoy a waterfall of ice that is used as a reaction to the heat to further stimulate blood circulation.
This special equipment that produces ice is placed specifically in the vicinity of saunas and steam baths to offer an additional benefit to your wellness sessions.

Turkish Bath - Hammam

There is a steam bath, commonly called "Turkish bath", is one of the best therapies to combat daily stress and tension due to its soothing and toning properties, thereby improving the physical appearance and promoting the efficiency of the organism.
The simultaneous action of steam and heat controlled, helps blood circulation and lymphatic dissolving toxins and promoting the expulsion through sweating. The humidity is at 90% with stratified temperature: about 25° to the floor level, up to the 40/45° to the height of the upper part of the body.

Emotional Shower

The emotional shower is a special type of shower that, in a small space, has the ability to transport you into a fascinating state of physical and mental wellbeing. It awakens the 5 senses through lights (chromo-therapy) and the aromas of essential oils (aromatherapy), relaxing and regenerating.
Very useful, also, in particular for the neck massage.
It's a perfect shower to prepare the body for subsequent treatments (Turkish bath, sauna, massage ...) or in the next step as a lukewarm shower.


The large hot tub (7 seats) will allow you to enjoy the great benefits of hydrotherapy and massage therapy for your blood and lymphatic circulation. Your legs will become lighter due to the pressure of the water massage, which promotes the drainage of liquids.
The tub also has many other virtues, tightens, reduces tension and sexual fatigue, combats rheumatism, arthritis, respiratory fatigue and insomnia. 
The benefit is also visible on the skin of your body that is toned, it smooth and relaxed.

Relaxation zone

After each treatment (Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi) it is advisable to relax for 10-15 minutes before you take a shower, so as to exploit the sense of abandonment and relaxation caused by heat and perspiration and eliminate totally the stress physical and psychological. 
For this purpose are the comfortable chaise longue at your disposal.


On request of the guests a relaxing massage, draining, regenerating ... by specialized personnel.

The entrance in the wellness area and massages are extra fee.


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